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Spend less time washing and maintaining your vehicle and more time doing the things you love with Velocity high performance vehicle protection products from Essendon Mazda!

In today’s harsh environment your vehicle’s exterior and interior surfaces endure daily attack from any number of environmental hazards and human factors. From parking under a tree and suffering form paint oxidisation due to bird and bat droppings, to having muddy shoes in the back seat, some things are just unavoidable!

Velocity high performance vehicle protection products use nanotechnology to create exceptional results. It’s the inclusion of nanotechnology that ensures the surface areas of your vehicle are best protected from damaging elements by creating a superior protective coating that results in a stronger, smoother and longer-lasting surface.

Nanotechnology Explained

The Nano Technology molecules in Velocity’s surface coatings organise themselves into the groves of the porous paint and fuse to the paint surface to form a permanent, anti-stick, easy to clean protective coating. This is very different to the process that happens when waxes and regular paint sealants are applied.

Benefits You Can Expect from Velocity High Performance Vehicle Protection

Velocity High Performance Surface Coating

  • Outstanding and brilliant shine
  • Self cleaning coating properties
  • Protects against the damage caused by bird and bat droppings, tree sap and bug splatter
  • No ugly buffing and polishing marks

Velocity High Performance Leather Preserver

  • Soft and supple leather surface
  • Protection against UV discolouration and dehydration
  • Deep down moistening protection
  • So you can expect a softer, more durable leather surface.

Velocity High Performance Carpet & Fabric Protector

  • Strong and effective stain resistance
  • Protection against harmful bacteria, moulds and fungus
  • Durable & invisible protection against staining from commonly consumed food and liquids
  • So you can expect a strong barrier to permanent stains

Velocity High Performance Vinyl Conditioner

  • Protection against staining from common food and drink spills
  • Easy to clean surface
  • Protection against UV discolouration and cracking
  • So you can expect an easy-to-clean surface

Cosmetic repair program

Ever had a trolley bump into your car? Or someone else’s car door open onto yours and dent it? Or just clipped the gutter when parking and scuffed your wheel?

We understand that wear and tear on your vehicle in inevitable, that’s why we offer a Cosmetic Repair Membership. This membership programs provides cosmetic repair for all those minor dents, stone chips and surface marks that are unavoidable, helping to keep your vehicle in optimum condition and maintaining its future re-sale value.

Benefits of this membership includes:

  • Low fixed cost per repair
  • Unlimited repair visits for the duration of your membership
  • No quotes to organise – avoid the hassle
  • Repairs within 30 days
  • Protects your ‘no claim bonus’ no need to go through insurance companies
  • Maximises re-sale value
  • Latest vehicle repair technology
  • Highly trained technicians

Cosmetic repairs offer a convenient mobile service to repair:

  • Bumper bars
  • Allow wheels/hub caps
  • Panel surface marks
  • Side mirror casings
  • Pressure dent removal
  • Windscreens
  • Stone chips